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Who are the Amazing Corvettes Club?

The Amazing Corvettes Club was formed to enhance and develop friendships with other Corvette owners and enthusiasts. Amazing Corvettes Club supports the Corvette community and way of life by participating in activities, which allows us to have fun with our Corvettes and friends. “Let the Good Times Roll”.  

What is the Amazing Corvettes Club?

Amazing Corvettes Club is a Corvette Social Club. Our goal is to have fun. Our objectives are, NO, Dues, Officers, Board of Directors and By-Laws.  A simple definition of a club is, a group of people with a common passion. Dues, Officers, Board of Directors, and By-Laws, do not make a club.  It is the people within the club that form the character and quality of a club.  Our goal to have fun, is the reason we attract fun loving people to our club.

Who can be a member of the Amazing Corvettes Club?

All Corvette owners and enthusiasts including spouse or companion.

To apply, Fill out our web site application, upload a picture of yourself and if appropriate your spouse or companion, plus picture(s) of your Corvette(s). After review an email notification will be sent to you.

Who can be a member of the Amazing Corvettes International Facebook Community?

All Corvette owners and enthusiasts including spouse or companion that wants to be a member in our Amazing Corvettes International Facebook Community.

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Membership rules!

Our goal is to have fun!

We only have two rules that must be observed at all times.

1 You cannot be disrespectful of your fellow member, their car, or others in the car community.
2 People acting in a hostile way, being disruptive, argumentative towards others, or creating needless drama.  People with these types of behavioral issues can result in the loss of their club membership.

Our goal!

We seek to have other Corvette owners join us by becoming a member of Amazing Corvettes Club and participating in our events. We will support other Corvette club’s events and encourage them to support our events. It is our desire to have a friendly relationship with other Corvette owners and Corvette clubs.   

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